Are You Headed For A Divorce? Here’s How You Can Tell…

Find A Divorce Lawyer

Nobody wants a divorce to take them by surprise. Unfortunately, many people completely ignore the red flags that could give them some much-needed time to prepare for the worst. Of course, you can’t see those red flags unless you know what to watch out for in the first place.

If you think you need to find a divorce lawyer, you need to know the warning signs of divorce. Fortunately, our friends at the Winfrey Law Firm, PLLC have shed some light on what to look out for. If your marriage is on the rocks, here’s how you can tell there might be a major problem on the horizon…

  • You Just Aren’t Talking Anymore.

You’ve heard it a million times before, but communication is the key to every successful relationship. If you and your spouse have completely cut off contact with each other – whether it’s because you’re just tired of arguing all the time or whether it’s because you just aren’t interested in hearing from each other – your marriage might be in for some trouble.

  • You’re Lacking Intimacy.

Love and sex are an important part of every marriage. If you and your spouse have lost that special spark, it’s up to you to work together to rekindle it. Otherwise, either you or your spouse might start feeling unfulfilled, and this can lead to some toxic thinking further down the line.

  • You’re Considering an Affair.

A lack of intimacy is a warning sign, and it can lead to an even more severe hint that your relationship is troubled. If you give serious thought to the prospect of an extramarital affair – if you’re really thinking of having an affair with someone else – it’s not a healthy mindset to have if you’re already married. It’s hard to tell whether your spouse feels the same way, but if you’re considering an affair, you need to recognize that it could be because your marriage is unsatisfying.

  • You’re Fighting All the Time.

Arguing is a part of every relationship, but there’s a difference between a “healthy amount” of disagreement and “just fighting all the time”. If you and your spouse can’t go a day without arguing – and your arguments go well beyond simple disagreement – there could be something else going on beneath the surface.

  • You Can’t Stand the Sight of Each Other.

It sounds dramatic, and it really is. But if you and your significant other suddenly can’t stand being in the same room with one another, it’s one of the most serious signs that a divorce is coming. It’s not healthy to feel disgust whenever you see your spouse, and if every little thing he or she does makes you resent them even more, it’s a sure sign that your marriage needs work.

Don’t Get Caught By Surprise

Knowing the warning signs of divorce can give you some much-needed time to prepare accordingly. Every divorce is a painful, expensive process, but with the help of the right lawyer on your side, you can make your divorce go just a bit more smoothly.