The Top Five Tips For Finding A Family Lawyer

Families are not always the best of people, and sometimes the worst comes out when one or both parties decide to go through a divorce or other family law issue with a family law lawyer in Gig Harbor, WA. Family law matters tend to be highly charged emotionally, so it’s important to choose the right lawyer to help you with your case. Here are five tips for finding a family law lawyer from our friends at Robinson & Hadeed that will help you find an attorney who fits all of your needs and can get you the results you want from your divorce case or another family law matter.


Ask for Recommendations

One of your most valuable resources is other people who have successfully hired lawyers in your area. So start by asking everyone you know — friends, colleagues, and family members — if they can refer you to an excellent lawyer. Make sure that the person knows exactly what type of law you need so that he or she can recommend someone appropriately. If possible, find out whether the person was happy with their experience with the lawyer’s service, attitude, knowledge and skill level.


Interview Multiple Lawyers

Before settling on one lawyer, it’s important to meet with and interview at least three or four lawyers. While it might seem like a lot of time to spend meeting with each lawyer, you have every right to do so — and you should. You have your entire future riding on your decision here: if you hire an attorney who is inexperienced in family law and doesn’t understand your needs, it could cost you thousands of dollars over time. It can be hard to tell how well you’ll get along with a prospective lawyer during your first meeting, but if they don’t make you feel comfortable enough that they will represent you well in court, don’t waste any more time with them.


Take Notes and Compare Them

When you sit down to interview potential lawyers, the best thing you can do is take notes. Write down all the things that they say and compare those to the ones you’ve interviewed before them. A lawyer who sounds like a good fit one week may be entirely different when compared to another. Also remember that just because a lawyer is highly recommended by others doesn’t mean they’re right for your case and, conversely, someone without much online presence may be exactly what you need in your corner.


Don’t Hire Until You Are Comfortable

Asking lawyers to represent you and your family in one of life’s most important processes is no small matter. Make sure that your lawyer is experienced and familiar with your legal situation. It’s easy to ask around — just look at social media, speak with friends or colleagues, and don’t be afraid to go visit their office! Getting a feel for your potential attorney before signing on will make working together much more comfortable in the long run. Your new lawyer should not only have experience handling cases like yours, but also know the area where you live. Familiarity with local law enforcement, courts, and judges can be very helpful when it comes time to defend your rights and those of your children.


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