Surrogacy Lawyer Reno, NV

Surrogacy Lawyer in Reno, NV

Surrogacy Lawyer Reno, NV

As your surrogacy lawyer Reno, NV from Contemporary Legal Solutions can explain, the laws for surrogacy vary by state; some are quite surrogacy friendly, while others restrict the process to make it incredibly difficult to do. Your personal journey with surrogacy will depend on the surrogate, where the birth will occur, and pre/post-birth legal processes as governed by state law. Prior to starting the process, it’s imperative that you meet with a lawyer who is familiar with surrogacy laws specifically. Any questions or concerns you have about surrogacy should be directed to your lawyer.

Here are the benefits of having a surrogacy lawyer to depend on during this time:

They will confirm your surrogacy is completed legally

A surrogacy lawyer doesn’t just explain the laws to you, they follow up to see that the process has adhered to them.  For example, your lawyer can ensure that any necessary legal paperwork is filled out in a way that protects your best interest. Furthermore, your lawyer can help follow up with your doctors to confirm they are abiding by surrogacy law standards. Your lawyer may not be an active part of your surrogacy in itself, however, they should be available to answer inquiries or resolve challenges as they arise.

They will establish rights for the intended parents from the beginning

A NV surrogacy lawyer in Reno can to safeguard the intended parents rights. Surrogacy laws vary by state, meaning the steps needed to establish rights will vary as well. Your lawyer will know what is true for your circumstances, and can advise how to protect your wellness and future.  don’t hesitate to call a surrogacy lawyer from our law firm today for immediate assistance.

They will see to it that the surrogacy contract has been followed

Your surrogacy lawyer can help you with writing, editing, and finalizing the surrogacy contract. This contract must be written and signed by all parties prior to any medical processes starting. Parents and surrogates both need their own separate surrogacy lawyers, as their interests and rights must be separately protected, creating a surrogacy journey that is equitable.  The contract should cover every aspect of the surrogacy, such as compensation to the surrogate, responsibilities and expectations for each party, and duties of the parents.

Why Hire a Surrogacy Lawyer?

Some people shy away from hiring a lawyer regarding a surrogacy matter, because they assume that they will be able to reach an agreement on their own. This is especially common if the biological mother, surrogate, or donor is a close friend or relative. However, attempting to navigate the complex and delicate surrogacy process without proper legal representation may prove to be a mistake. Having a lawyer to watch out for your best interest can be helpful and making sure things go as smoothly as possible. Here are just a few of the many reasons why people choose to hire a surrogacy lawyer:

  • A lawyer provides knowledge. Your lawyer can help you get prepared with what to expect in terms of costs, legal requirements for the state, expenses, and other important issues.
  • A lawyer handles the contract and paperwork. The process of adding a child to your family is not a simple thing. The paperwork and documentation you will need to gather and fill out can be complicated. Furthermore, surrogacy entails negotiating an agreement with the surrogacy mother, the sperm donor, the egg donor, or other parties. This agreement must fully protect your rights, otherwise you may risk losing more than you had imagined. Your lawyer can help you draft a legal agreement that is secure and legally binding 
  • A lawyer can help resolve disputes. Even in the most cordial and cooperative surrogacy arrangements, there may be instances when a dispute arises. Especially when it comes to children, emotions can quickly run high. Because it’s a sensitive topic, conflicts can easily pop up before, during, or after pregnancy. A lawyer can be your best advocate and stand up for your side of the situation.

Surrogacy Plan Contractual Agreements 

There are several essential elements of a compliant gestational surrogacy plan that help protect the rights of both the carrier and the egg donor. The essential components of the surrogacy plan include contractual agreements that are required to be written with the assistance of a lawyer who is experienced in surrogacy and Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) law. These contracts are commonly referred to as the Carrier Agreement (Contract), and the Egg Donor Agreement. 

Upon embarking on the journey that is surrogacy, reach out to a lawyer who is licensed and experienced in the state in which the process is expected to take place. An experienced surrogacy lawyer Reno, NV residents trust from Contemporary Legal Solutions will work with you to create legally binding contracts for both the carrier and the egg donor. Such contracts will help ensure both parties completely understand the terms of the surrogacy upon entering the process.

Carrier Agreement (Contract)

The Carrier Agreement is what a gestational carrier and the intended parent(s) agree to.  The agreement will specify each party’s rights and responsibilities.  Care should be taken to outline the responsibilities of the surrogate to the intended parents.  The surrogacy agreement will also ensure the gestational carrier relinquishes her claim to parental rights over the child following the child’s birth. A surrogacy lawyer will be able to serve effectively as a third party mediator throughout the process of surrogacy – this will help ensure any potential conflicts of interest are accounted for during the process.

During the process of drafting the agreement, your lawyer will carefully define the intended parents’ responsibilities to the surrogate, while paying special attention in listing all of the anticipated expenses they must cover throughout the surrogacy. The surrogacy agreement must also outline all potential risks and liabilities and describe each party’s responsibilities should certain contingencies occur. A Reno, NV surrogacy lawyer will have a thorough understanding of Nevada law and will be able to ensure that all parties involved in a surrogacy agreement follow the laws of their state.

Egg Donor Agreement

The Carrier Agreement and the Egg Donor Agreement are both put in place to protect all parties involved in the egg donation arrangement, state the intended parents’ and donor’s intentions, and dissolve the donor’s custody over the baby born through the process.  The egg donor agreement allows an intended parent (IP) control of all eggs retrieved from the donor as well as any resulting embryos. It is generally recommended that the carrier has adequate medical insurance upon initiation of the surrogacy process to help ensure coverage in the event of a mishap or emergency during the donation process.

The agreement also regulates the future contact between the IPs and the egg donor, which largely depends on whether it is a known donation, a half-known donation or an anonymous donation. The Egg Donor Agreement also contains a clause requiring the egg donor to provide updated medical information if her medical history changes. Intended parents should work with an experienced lawyer to negotiate their egg donation agreement.

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