Services From a Divorce Lawyer

Services From a Divorce Lawyer

When you are considering a divorce from your spouse, you want to speak with a trusted divorce lawyer who can give you the guidance that you need. Going through a divorce is a difficult process and it can be hard to know how to approach it. Fortunately, there are many legal services that a qualified and experienced divorce lawyer can provide you so that you can make the best decisions. These are some of the legal services that a divorce lawyer can provide for you.

Resolving Divorce

If you have any questions about divorce, whether you have made a decision about proceeding with a divorce or not, a lawyer can help you. They can examine your situation and enlighten you about your legal options. Divorce is complex, so they can give you a breakdown of the costs, timeline, and other topics that you need to know regarding divorce. 

Divorce Alternatives 

As a divorce lawyer like one from Robinson & Hadeed can tell you, there are alternatives to divorce that you can consider. Divorce can be costly and complex to go through, however, there are other routes you can choose to settle your divorce outside of court. Mediation and arbitration are popular alternatives because of their simpler process and lower expenses. They also allow you to retain your privacy since a divorce finalized in court is put on the public record. 

Estate Planning Documents

A divorce lawyer can help you with affairs regarding your estate. Making changes to your estate when you are going through a divorce can be one of the most frustrating parts of the process. Having a lawyer at your side ensures you are successfully making the necessary legal changes to your estate. They can go over legal documents like your will and any changes that you want to make to it. 

Child Custody Agreements

Many clients who are going through divorce have children together, which can make the experience even more complicated. Deciding how to best develop a child custody agreement that everyone agrees with can be challenging. A divorce lawyer can help you find an arrangement that is fair to you, your spouse and meets your child or children’s needs. 

No matter what kind of services you need, a divorce lawyer like one at Theus Law Offices can help you and provide you guidance. Learn more about legal services you can receive from a qualified divorce lawyer by scheduling a consultation today.