Military Divorce Lawyer Tacoma WA

If you’re trying to get a divorce in Washington state, you may find that it is very difficult if you are an active service member. The process is considered to be confusing and complicated. This is even more true if you have children or you have been married for a very significant number of years. It is also even more complex if your spouse is deployed while the divorce or family law case is filed.

The military divorce lawyer in Tacoma, WA such as the ones available at Robinson & Hadeed can help you as they have helped hundreds of active service members and their spouses throughout Tacoma, Washington. They have a lot of experience navigating difficult and testing matters of divorce, especially when it comes to being divorced while you were in the military actively serving.

Issues that may come into play for a military service member who is active in deploying when they are seeking to get a divorce are things such as disability, whether it’s a full or partial disability, BAH and even retirement can be complicated depending upon the circumstances that are involved in your case. However, a good experienced military divorce lawyer in Tacoma, WA is going to be able to help you by informing you exactly how everything in your case is affected by everything else tied to your service record.

BAH is your basic allowance for housing, and it can be affected by your divorce especially if you have children because the primary custodial parent will receive benefits for housing with children, and the non-custodial parent can receive a BAH differential is going to be paid out an allowance to the member that lives in military housing or they have their spouse or children living with them but pays child support that is greater than half of the difference.

A basic allowance for housing is a monthly allowance that you see when you are in the military and it offsets the cost of housing when you are not living on base, in case your divorce can impact the amount of BAH that you receive. 

If you are the only parent in the military and you get a divorce you may still receive BAH but it will depend heavily on where you live post-divorce, and sometimes if you are considered single by the government you will be forced to move back on base and live in base housing and you cannot receive BAH because the government is going to pay 100% of her housing at this time

You should reach out to a military divorce lawyer in Tacoma, WA if you have any questions about getting a divorce while in the military and you are worried about how it may affect your benefits and change your living situation.