LGBTQ Surrogacy Lawyer Henderson, NV

LGBTQ Surrogacy Lawyer Henderson, NV

An LGBTQ surrogacy lawyer that Henderson, Nevada trusts can give support and legal guidance to same-sex couples who are planning to start a family using assisted/third party reproduction methods. Family formation processes such as adoption, surrogacy, and others are governed by each state differently. These laws may be complicated and difficult to understand, so obtaining professional counsel is highly recommended. A lawyer who has experience helping LGBTQ individuals and couples navigate this area of law can help ensure that the surrogacy process goes smoothly and without issue. Set up an appointment with a dedicated lawyer from Contemporary Legal Solutions to learn more about the services we offer.

LGBTQ Surrogacy Lawyer in Henderson, NV

As a law firm which specializes in multiple matters of family formation, Contemporary Legal Solutions has been trusted by clients for years. Our priority is to protect the rights of individuals as they experience their family formation process, whether it’s surrogacy, adoption, co-parenting or some other approach that relies on assisted/third party reproduction technologies (“ART”). 

Most states require that parties who choose to engage in ART for their family planning use a written agreement. It is important regardless if it is required in a given state. This document is legally binding, so an agreement between the parties involved allows parental rights to be established. An experienced lawyer who understands the various state family formation laws can write and review the agreement for you. They will ensure that agreement is suitable for both the intended parents and donor. Guidelines for conflict resolutions are also addressed in the agreement should there be a dispute in the future. 

Surrogacy in Nevada

Traditional surrogacy, where the surrogate shares genetic material to the child they are carrying, is not permitted under Nevada statute. Gestational surrogacy however, is open to anyone regardless of factors such as marital status, gender, and sexual orientation. With that said, the process can still be complex to navigate on your own. A lawyer can explain the full extent of your rights and make sure the process abides by state law. 

In Nevada, same-sex couples have the right to use a gestational carrier. A gestational carrier refers to a woman who does not use her own eggs. An LGBTQ surrogacy lawyer that is trusted by Henderson, Nevada residents can provide detailed information about surrogacy laws which specifically affect LGBTQ individuals. Consult with an experienced lawyer to find out what you need to know about Nevada surrogacy laws. With their extensive knowledge of surrogacy laws, they will stand by you throughout the process and ensure that parental rights are properly established through a written agreement. 

Request a Consultation With a Qualified Lawyer

Our law firm is focused on helping our clients arrive at a positive conclusion by the end of the family formation process. Working with a lawyer early is a good decision so that you are as prepared as you can before you finalize your arrangement. If you have questions about how surrogacy works for LGBTQ individuals, contact our office to schedule an appointment with a top LGBTQ surrogacy lawyer in Henderson, NV today. 


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