Can I Get Help To Modify Child Support? 

Can I Get Help To Modify Child Support? 

After a child support number has been determined, you may wonder if you will need to make these payments for the rest of your children’s young lives. While, for the most part, it is true that these are steady payments you will need to make, it is possible to modify child support payments if your circumstances have changed. It is always best to try to make these changes with the help of knowledgeable lawyers because they will know the best approach to take and know which evidence will be necessary for showing that the amount of child support you are paying now is no longer needed. 

What Evidence Must I Provide For My Child Support Modification Case? 

Typically, to show that child support needs to be changed, you will need to show that there have been significant changes in your circumstances. These circumstances can be your own or your child’s. The burden of proving that there have been significant enough changes will be on the parent who is attempting to modify the child support. Thus, you must document your expenses, your current income, and any other debt you owe.

  • You lost your job or received a pay cut. If you are in the unfortunate position of losing your job or receiving a pay cut, you should speak with lawyers, like family law child support lawyers from a law firm like The Law Office of Daniel J. Wright
  • You have more children with your new partner. If you have started a family with someone else and have more children of your own,  you may wish to ask for a decrease in child support payments as you now have more places your money is going to support your family. 
  • You have a medical emergency. If you are involved in a personal injury or become ill, your excessive medical expenses may overwhelm your ability to pay child support. 

What If My Child’s Other Parent Is Asking For More Money? 

If your child’s other parent is asking for more money, you may counter it (i.e., seek to prevent it from occurring) by demonstrating that a significant change in the other parent’s financial circumstances has not taken place. A judge will only review child support modification applications if a significant change has occurred first, such as job loss, a growing family, or a medical emergency.  It will be up to your ex to prove that there are changes so substantial that they warrant increasing your payments. 

Bear in mind that you may produce evidence of your own financial hardship or how an increase would put you in a state of financial pains.

Get The Help You Need For Child Support Payments

If you need help regarding either an increase or decrease in your child support payments, please reach out to a local family lawyer for more help. The reality is that child support modifications can result in debt and homelessness. You can find yourself a statistic if you do not address child support modification strategically and with guidance from legal experts.